The department is made up of competent and experienced faculty members who have committed their careers to orthodontics.

The department has 6 full-time lecturers, all of whom hold postgraduate degrees: 3 doctorates and 3 master's degrees. The Vietnam Orthodontic Association has 5/6 lecturers, and the World Orthodontic Association has 3 lectures.

Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong is the Department Head.

Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc

Mission of the Department:

  • The department's two major responsibilities are to train undergraduate and graduate students in orthodontics. Furthermore, there are annual continuing education courses for doctors who have graduated from basic orthodontics. To train advanced courses, and collaborate with foreign orthodontists and orthodontists. The department has so far trained 20 courses, both domestic and international. Students have given these courses extremely excellent feedback, confirming the subject's status as one of the premier orthodontic training institutes in the country.
  • Medical examination and treatment: The department is continually on the cutting edge of demanding and novel orthodontic treatments. Even though the medical examination and treatment center is new, the number of patients has climbed by an average of 50% each year, and the center aspires to be the most prestigious and dependable orthodontic treatment destination for patients.
  • Organizing orthodontic specialty seminars to educate doctors with up-to-date orthodontic expertise.

Mission: To prepare general dentists to diagnose and treat minor abnormalities in the community.

Vision: To educate orthodontic dentists for private and public health institutions.

Promote specialty-related research and seek to be the country's premier orthodontic research base.