Children's Dentistry

1. Structure and organization:

The Department of CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY currently employs 15 people, including:

* 06 staff members:

- 01 Assoc. Dr. Vo Truong Nhu Ngoc – Head of Department

- 02 PhDs including: Tran Thi My Hanh, Deputy Head of Department and Dao Thi Hang Nga,

- 03 Masters including: Le Thi Thuy Linh, Luong Minh Hang, Nguyen Ha Thu

* 09 part-time officers:

- Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Anh – National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology

- MA. Nguyen Phuong Huyen – National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology

- Dr. Hoang Van Bach – Hospital of Post and Telecom

- Dr. Trinh Hong Huong – Hospital of Post and Telecom

- MA. Do Van Can – Vietnam National Children's Hospital

- MA. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan – Vietnam National Children's Hospital

- MA. Phung Thi Thu Ha – Vietnam Cuba Hospital

2. Main Mission

2.1. About the training

2.1.1. Formal training

- In terms of professional expertise:

+ Undergraduate: General Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing, Odonto-Stomatology student.

+Postgraduate: Specialization I, Specialization II, Residency, Master's degree, Ph.D. in Odonto-Stomatology.

2.1.2. Continuous training (according to social needs)

- Intensive Pediatric Dentistry training seminars to keep General or Specialist Pediatric Dentists up to speed on new information and technology.


1.2. Unit development activities

- The department is constantly interested in growing internal resources as well as collaborating with domestic and international educational institutions. The lecturers constantly refresh their expertise through training courses, seminars, and conferences to quickly update new information in lectures and clinical applications. Many of the instructors are International Children's Dental Association members.

1.3. Medical consultation and treatment in dental clinics

The Department of Children's Dentistry strives for treatment quality and patient happiness while adhering to Party and State requirements. It has always been a pioneer in the application of innovative technologies such as dental anesthetic, fluoride preparations (Verni, SDF), stainless-steel crowns, stainless-porcelain crowns for baby teeth, crown restoration by GIC, treatment of parafunctional problems, conscious pain reduction, and so on.

1.4. Union work

- The Department always fully complies with the Party's guidelines and policies, legislative action, and Institute and University rules and regulations.

- Participating in political and professional events, conferences, seminars, and humanitarian visits in the community...

- Fully implementing the regimes and policies for all department personnel.

- Internal unity is well maintained, as is thrifty behavior, anti-waste, anti-corruption, and other social ills.

1.5. Additional missions

+ Advising Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, and Specialist Doctors II on thesis and graduation theses;

+ Participating in committees for grading Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, majors II, and defending graduation theses;

+ Attend medical examinations and treatments at medical examination and treatment facilities

+ Other tasks as delegated by the Training Institute

+ Scientific research activities: Participate in local projects, as well as regional and city-level issues.