1. Structure and organization:

The Department of Periodontology currently employs 8 people, including:

* 06 staff members:

- 1 Dr. Le Long Nghia - Head of Department.

- 4 Masters: Nguyen Thi Thu Van - Deputy Head of Department; Nguyen Viet Da Do, Cao Hoang Yen, Hoang Bao Duy (currently working as a Ph.D. student in the country).

- 1 Doctor of Specialization I: Nguyen Ngoc Anh (currently a Ph.D. student in the country).

* 02 part-time officers:

- Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Head of Department of Periodontology, Central Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology

- Dr. Le Hung, director of Dong Da General Hospital

2. Main Mission

2.1. About the training

2.1.1. Formal training

- In terms of professional expertise:

+ Undergraduate: Y3, Y4, Y6 Odonto-Stomatology; Y5 General, Bachelor of Nursing

+Postgraduate: Specialization I, Specialization II, Residency, Master's degree, Ph.D. in Odonto-Stomatology.

2.1.2. Continuous training (according to social needs)

- Dental assistant, orthodontist Periodontal surgery training for maxillofacial surgeons

2.2. Unit development activities

Periodontal surgery postgraduate and undergraduate courses, as well as continuing education seminars for odontologists

2.3. Medical consultation and treatment in Hanoi University Medical Center, Dong Da hospital and dental clinics

2.4. Union work

- The Department always fully complies with the Party's guidelines and policies, legislative action, and Institute and University rules and regulations.

- Participating in political and professional events, conferences, seminars, and humanitarian visits in the community...

- Fully implementing the regimes and policies for all department personnel.

- Internal unity is well maintained, as is thrifty behavior, anti-waste, anti-corruption, and other social ills.

2.5 Additional missions

+ Advising Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, Y6 students, and Specialist Doctors II on thesis and graduation theses;

+ Participating in committees for grading Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, majors II, and Y6 students.

+ Write national and international articles that have been or will be published on a national and international scale