Basic Dentistry

1. Current leaders:

  - Head of Department: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Viet Hai.

  - Deputy Head of Department: Resident Doctor Vu Thi Diu.

- Assoc. Dr. Tran Cao Binh (concurrently)

2. Personnel: There are 9 employees and lecturers, including one Associate Professor, two Resident Doctors, five Masters, and one Doctor. 2 teachers are Ph.D. students in the nation, and one is studying overseas.

Dr. Hoang Dinh Au is a visiting lecturer (at Hanoi Medical University Hospital).

3. Departmental Activities:

- University training: Students in Years 2, 3, and 4 major in Odonto-Stomatology.

- Postgraduate training includes the following titles: Resident Doctor, Master Doctor, Specialist Doctor I, Specialist Doctor II, and Doctorate in Odonto-Stomatology.

- Nursing and dental assistant training

- Textbooks & Teaching Materials Compilation: 4 

- Scientific research activities, including the publication of national and international scientific journals.

- Additional missions

+ Advising Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, and Specialist Doctors II on thesis and graduation theses;

+ Participating in committees for grading Ph.D. students, graduate students, residents, majors II, and defending graduation theses;

+ Attend medical examinations and treatments at medical examination and treatment facilities

+ Other tasks as delegated by the Training Institute