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Accordingly, the organizers awarded the "tectonic item" for breakthrough scientific works, which have been applied, bringing high socio-economic efficiency to the hospital's doctors and nurses. Blood transfusion and Hematology in Ho Chi Minh City with the project "Evaluating the effectiveness of using frozen red blood cell preparation in Ho Chi Minh City". Thereby the hospital has studied the storage of red blood cells by freezing technology at -80 degrees Celsius with high glycerol concentration, can be stored for up to 10 years compared to conventional methods of blood can only save 42 days.

This work, which was first implemented in Vietnam, is a step forward for cryogenic technology. Ho Chi Minh City Blood Transfusion and Hematology Hospital has become a pioneer in the country to implement and allocate frozen red blood cells to many other hospitals.

The 14th Kova Prize has been awarded to 24 individuals and collectives who have made positive contributions to research and study.

Dr. Phu Chi Dung, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Hematology Blood Transfusion Hospital, said that in 2014 Cho Ray Hospital received a case of a patient with a thoracic aortic aneurysm rupture, not only that, this patient also carrying rare Rh (-) blood. However, thanks to the frozen blood bank in Blood Transfusion and Hematology Hospital, it was able to provide emergency and timely treatment for this patient. The patient had to receive 8 frozen blood bags. Without a frozen bank, it will not save the patient.

We have now provided more than 300 blood bags to about 22 hospital units to handle emergencies. The study of frozen red blood cells has helped clinicians have more timely treatment for patients and the community of patients with Rh (-) blood type, "Dr. Dung added.

In this category, the organizers also awarded a personal prize to Dr.BS Dr. Ta Thi Tuyet Mai (Gia Dinh People's Hospital) for the project "Lactose malnutrition syndrome in seriously ill patients". This work has created a milk for patients with severe lactose intolerance to need feeding by catheter. This is the first high protein milk product in Vietnam that has been studied to feed serious patients. The amount of milk needed is less, but the effect of improving nutrition is better than high energy milk on the market, especially the price is only one fourth, which helps the poor to afford.

The organizers also awarded the "Beautiful living category" for examples of good people with good deeds for two teams (VND 30 million / prize) and four individuals (VND 20 million / prize). In addition, the organizers also awarded the "Prospective Category" for outstanding students (academic performance of 9.0 or higher) and have scientific research achievements for 16 students (10 million / prize).

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Mr. Bui Dang Dung, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee, appreciated the scientists' initiative, the contributions of good living examples and compliments. Praise the achievements of students from all over the country for the award.

Over 14 years of organization, the Kova Prize has given hundreds of awards to scientists, examples of good people and good deeds as well as thousands of scholarships and awards for outstanding students across the country. This award was established in 2002 by former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh as the award president. Since 2012, this position has been transferred to former Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan.

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