IFDE opening training course on orthodontic class I

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1. Objectives: In order to train dentists who are highly qualified in the field of orthodontics, have the ability to examine, diagnose and treat simple to moderate occlusion errors, meeting the standards required by The International Federation of Orthodontics World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO) also facilitates BS's participation in WFO.

2. Target audience: Specialist of Odonto-Stomatology

3. Target: 25 students

4. Learning program: Consists of two parts

4.1. Online learning (online learning, teaching in English): after registering students will be instructed to register online, each student is given an account to access, download materials, practice and do homework Final examination under the control of lecturers and staff of the training course.

4.2. Centralized learning (onsite): Six onsite modules will provide students with how to assess, plan treatment and control as well as practice orthodontic techniques, identify complex clinical cases that are difficult to treat. . Each student will have a test and treatment of two clinical cases under the guidance of intensive chiropractic practitioners certified by WFO.

Module 1: Orthodontic diagnosis

Module 2: Mechanical biology

Module 3: Orthodontic intervention

Module 4: Common types of occlusal bites

Module 5: Adult orthodontics

Module 6: Complete, maintain, recur

The certificate was issued by the Odonto-Stomatology Training Institute - Hanoi Medical University and IFDE.

(Detailed study program attached)

5. Training fee: VND 115,000,000 / course (divided into 4 phases)

Phase 1: VND 50 million / batch (Submitted before May 15, 2018)

Phase 2, phase 3: VND 25 million / batch (Submitted before October 15, 2018 and before November 15, 2018)

Session 4: VND 15 million / installment (Submitted before December 15, 2018)

6. Study time: From May 2018 to February 2020

6. Lecturers:

* BS. Jean-Marc Retrouvey: President of the International Dental Education Organization; Dean of Orthodontics at McGill University, Canada; Former President of Canadian Orthodontic Association.

* BS. Neil Kay: Clinical Director of Orthodontics of International Dental Education and its Representative in Vietnam; Orthodontist in the United States.

* With the tutoring of experienced teachers of the Department of Orthodontics - DTRHM.

7. Registration file includes (Students only need to submit 01 set of students to the Institute's DTT classes):

1- Application for study (form) .2- Birth certificate (copy)

3. Curriculum vitae (certified by the Government Officials / Local Administration).

4. Diploma, certificate (copy, notarized).

5. Decision of sending the school to the Office of the Government Administration (if any).

6- 02 photos 4x6 (taken in the last 06 months, full name, date of birth, place of birth)

When applying, students must bring originals of the type for comparison.

8. Location and time of enrollment: From the date of notice to the end of May 15, 2018.

Where to sell records: Administration Department - Teeth Training Institute

P. 102 - A7 Building - No. 1 Ton That Tung - Dong Da - Hanoi Tel: 024 35 747 005

Recipients: Department of Training & Management - Teeth Training Institute

P. 507 - A7 Building - No. 1 Ton That Tung - Dong Da - Hanoi Tel: 024 39 287 190

Or register directly to TS. Quach Thi Thuy Lan: 0904 144 668

MSc. Nguyen Tra My: 0983 654 186

The Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology Training Institute - Hanoi Medical University is pleased to announce that all medical facilities and staff are eligible and willing to participate in the training.


Module 1: Orthodontic diagnosis

Examining, diagnosing deviations in 3 dimensions in space.
The time and goal of treatment.
The importance of orthodontics in general oral care.
Film analysis, sample.
Use removable tools and attach braces.
Module 2: Mechanical biology

Biomechanics of tooth displacement in moderate deviations is difficult: the role of periodontal ligament.
Force system: interaction of force and torque as well as calculation of force at center of resistance.
Straight string instrument.

Module 3: Orthodontic intervention

The normal and abnormal development of the craniofacial system - teeth.
Orthodontics for developing patients: diagnosis, treatment planning.
The most effective treatment approach.
Module 4: Common types of occlusal bites

Diagnose and plan treatment for each type of occlusal biting I, II, III.
Classification of difficulty: time of treatment and consultation.

Module 5: Adult orthodontics

Standard orthodontic treatment options for adults.
Orthodontic treatment supports prosthesis.
Orthodontic treatment combined with bone surgery.
Module 6: Complete, maintain, recur

How to complete the orthodontic shift to get the best results.
Maintain and recur.
Unwanted effects in orthodontic treatment.

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