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Organizational model

Dental Center 225 is a medical and educational career unit. Is the basis of medical examination and treatment, training and scientific research in the field of maxillofacial teeth. The Center operates under its own Statute, has its own economic accounting, has its own seal, and is allowed to open a separate account at the bank in accordance with the law.


Examination, emergency, treatment of dental diseases for soldiers and people;
Specialized training of maxillofacial teeth;
Conducting scientific research, deploying the application of science and technology, modern techniques for maxillofacial teeth for training and medical examination and treatment.

1. Examination and treatment of dental maxillofacial disease:

1.1. Service of examination, emergency, treatment of denture for voluntary patients;

1.2. Organizing the deployment of high-tech applications;

1.3. Medical examination, emergency, dental treatment services for patients who are soldiers and health insurance patients on a voluntary basis and pay in accordance with the regulations of the Social Insurance agency.

2. Training of officials:

1.4. Is the basis of maxillofacial practice for undergraduate and graduate subjects;

1.5. Training of Oriented Doctor in Maxillary Dentistry, Orthodontist Technician and Intermediate-Nursing Dentist;

1.6. Training to improve the qualifications of officials and employees of the Institute of Odonto-Stomatology, Institute of Medical Sciences and other medical facilities when required.

3. Scientific research:

1.7. Studying and participating in scientific research, deploying the application of scientific advances to serve training and medical examination and treatment;

1.8. Presiding over and participating in scientific research projects as assigned;

1.9. Carrying out scientific research cooperation programs with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals according to the provisions of law.

4. International cooperation:

1.10. The Center proactively set up cooperative relationships in medical examination and treatment, training, scientific research and equipment supply with countries and international organizations according to the provisions of law.

1.11. The center elaborates and organizes the implementation of investment projects associated with foreign organizations according to the provisions of law.


- 10 Dentist Dentists (Including Doctors, BSCKI, BSCKII, Masters and PhDs);

- 15 Dental Nurses and Dentist Technicians;

- Administrative and financial staff.


Surface area: 600m2, including:

- Aseptic dental rooms;

- 01 International standard Implant operating room;

- Technical rooms: X-ray room, aseptic and sterilization room, central air-compressing room and water pump;

- Waiting room for patients;

- Department of digital briefing and protection;

- Warehouse, restroom;

- Parking yard for cars, motorbikes 1000m2 (accommodating 20 cars and hundreds of motorcycles).


- 11 modern dental machine chairs;

- 02 X-ray machines X. The most modern digital face;

- 02 System of dental implants (Dental Implant);

- Modern orthodontic systems;

- Labo produces high quality dentures;

- The attached technical equipment.

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